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Limo Taxi Belgium

Limo Taxi's headquarters are located in Belgium.

We are specialized in long distance travel across central Europe.

Brussels – Zurich for example is about 6 hours, from door to door and YOU decide your departure time! Why bother with all the airport troubles? As the English say goes; If you got time to spare, take the airplane.

Call us for free on: Skype | VOIP Buster (add contact limotaxi)

Business Information

Limo Taxi BVBA
Tel: +32 475 737 373
Fax: +323 8448 373

Payments - Invoice

All clients are entitled to an official invoice.

Confirmed cancelations 24hrs in advance are fully refundable (bank costs are deducted, if any). We are flexible and absolutely discreet.

For invoices we require a legal proof of V.A.T. registration of your business.

Limo Taxi Travelers Car Insurance

Limo Taxi passengers are covered by a special car insurance which is covering all passengers and their belongings. Our vehicles are insured in the corresponsive country of registration, Belgium, Netherland and Germany. The car insurance reliability and passengers insurance coverage have perhaps the highest standards in the world.